Memory Foam Rotating Seat Cushion work perfectly in cars or regular chairs, enabling users to perform 360 degree turns to facilitate transitions up to standing, or down to sitting positions.

This cushion helps the elderly, the disabled, or those recovering from injuries to avoid painful and unhealthy back and hip motions by rotating to standing. It also provides pressure relief for back and hips while seated.
The memory foam in this particular swivel seat works well when you are trying to get back into the same position every time you get into the seat.
The seat will turn as much as you need it to, and you will find out that it can fit in any car because it’s sleek design. This was made just for getting in and out of a car, but you need to be sure that you have one for every car you ride in!


  • This is the perfect size for protecting your bottom and legs
  • The thin disc is easy to use
  • It will remember you when you sit down
  • Your body can settle into it easily
  • It is soft to sit in and touch
  • The seat will swivel in any chair