Superior Performance

With our magic wine aerator, you can enjoy your wine instantly without any long and cumbersome process or an extra decanter. The Aerator incorporates the proper amount of air while you pour wine into a glass. This unlocks the essential flavors and aromatic properties of wines both young and old, for a fuller bouquet, smoother finish and exceptionally pleasurable drinking experience.

Easy to Clean

The aerator has no side holes or small pieces that can easily leak, break, or get lost while other wine aerators have. This means that it is not only the most beautiful and effective wine aerator in existence, but also is one of the easiest to use, maintain, and clean.

Rapid Wine Oxidation For Optimum Taste Results. 

Using the Bernoulli Effect, wine aerator injects air bubbles into your wine, dramatically improving your wine’s aroma and flavor. Strictly for people that are really into great wine and are willing to immerse themselves into a whole new wine tasting experience.


  • Better Taste: fast aeration decanter helps the wine breath quickly and makes it taste smoother
  • Patented design,ensures more effective aeration,no-splash grate, and sediment filterdetachable,easy cleaning,assembly.
  • High Quality material:  FDA food grade approved thick acrylic
  • Easy and Fun to Use: just open a bottle, hold it over a glass and pour the wine, you will discover the hidden tastes in the red wine
  • Package: 1 x no-drip stand, 1 x filter to trap sediment and an elegant travel pouch
  • Unique Gift: for women, for men, for celebrating anniversary, birthday, friendship, christmas, etc.
  • Fast wine decanter function: 360 degree air breath, make your wine breath quickly and get ready fast, get a better bouquet and enjoy your wine.

Comes with 1 x no-drip stand, 1 x filter to trap sediment