• THE EASIEST WAY TO VEGGIE NOODLES IS HERE! If you love having your veggies in as many ways possible, or you like meddling in the kitchen and create impressive-looking dishes, then this amazing spiral slicer is a must-have essential for your kitchen counter! With five interchangeable blades, your creativity’s the limit!
  • MAKE YOUR HEALTHY PASTA IN NO TIME! Zucchini, cucumber, or potato slices? Straight, curly, or angel-hair thin? Whichever your preference, you will have it on your plate in a matter of a few minutes! The base suction pad keeps your accessory steady on the countertop, while the strong handle can be used on even the hardest vegetables!
  • ENJOY MAXIMUM DURABILITY & LONGEVITY! The five blades are made of superior quality, 100% stainless steel, while the plastic parts are made of 100% BPA-free, food- grade, reinforced plastic. Hence, our spiral slicer fears neither rust nor extensive use! What’s more, the spiralizer is operated manually, which makes it super easy to take with you wherever you may go!
  • OFFER A GIFT DIFFERENT THAN OTHERS! Whether for a wedding reception, or a housewarming party, our veggie pasta maker is the perfect way to go as a gift! It is especially suitable for people who love fitness, vegans, vegetarians, or for people who are on low-carb, Paleo, or gluten-free diets!