Perfectly Curled Eyelashed – IN SECONDS!

Achieve natural looking curls and long lashes that last throughout the day with just a gentle and slow sweep of the Premium Eyelash Curler! It lifts and lengthens even the straightest lashes without pinching or squeezing.

The comb is designed to separate lashes while the heat gently shapes them into those lovely curls. The high temperature locks up the lashes and lifts it up without any pulling or pinching needed. Moreover, this eliminates the need for the ever intimidating clamp which makes this a great option even for those with short lashes.

If you are in a hurry to rush somewhere but you still want to achieve longer and fuller lashes, then this curler has got you covered. With its outstanding feature of heating up easily, you can now cut off the time spent on your beauty routine!

✔ Perfect for fragile lashes: Heated curlers, on the other hand, simply lift up your lashes for a gentle curl without any force.

✔ Get that extra lift: With heated lash curlers, you can get an extra lift and curl in seconds.

✔ No pinch, no pull: Unlike traditional curler, the majority of heated curlers are wand-like, which means there’s nothing pulling or pinching at your



  • Helps you achieve natural-looking curl and long lashes
  • The perfect remedy to tame unruly lashes
  • The advance heating technology ensures that you achieve faster and long-lasting results without pinching or pulling your eyelids
  • It’s gentle yet effective when curling that makes it safe to use for those with fragile lashes
  • It only has a 15-second warm up so it is time-saving to use
  • It has a protection slot so it is safe and won’t cause any burns or damage


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 5.4in x 0.75in
  • Power Supply: 1 x AAA Battery (not included in the package)


  • 1pc Premium Eyelash Curler