Or are you the type that you unintentionally over water your plants because you’re too afraid they’d dried up when you leave the house? Automatic Drip Plant Waterer is specially made for plant watering with a control valve which controls the dripping speed of water from 0 to 90s/drip.

No power and no pump is needed, it can easily water your beloved plant automatically up to 15 days! It is universal fit to various bottle with threads. Now you don’t need to worry too much even you are ready for a long trip!


  • Adjustable speed: these plant watering devices with control valve can control the drip speed from 0 to 90s/drip
  • Last for 2 weeks: easily water your beloved plant automatically up to 15 days, no worries even you go for a long trip
  • Universal fit: fit bottles with 27.6mm threads, which is the commonest size for the most bottles in the market
  • Save your time: save your time and energy without having to water every day, and eliminating the need of hauling heavy watering cans

  • Accurate flow control to keep your plants from drying out
  • No any tedious installation, just drill some holes at bottom of bottle or cut it, then a regulating valve that can adjust the speed of the flow


  • Item Type: Plastic Plant Waterer Self Watering Devices
  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 0.8” x 0.8”x6.1”
  • Colour: Random


  • 1x Automatic Drip Plant Waterer