This is one ultimate time saver. Automatically stirs as you cook with 3 speeds!  With just the touch of a button the Stirrer starts to automatically stir the food in your pot or pan.Suitable for sauces, dips, soups, creams, etc.

Product Benefits:

✅Save your time in the kitchen. Perfect for automatically stirring your pot or pan when you need it.  It’s absolutely perfect when you’re cooking for your friends and loved ones.  That magical extra set of hands in the kitchen for cooking perfection every time.

3 Different Speed Mode available to suit your dishes.

Stir For Up To 4 Hours with each full set of batteries (4 x AA batteries not included)

Heat safe.

Non-Stick Pan Safe means never scratching your precious pots and pans.

✅Food safe silicone feet (withstand up  to 550 F)

✅Orbital turning action ensures no spot is unstirred.

Product Features:

Material: PP, Stainless Steel & Silicone

Easy To Use

Legs Are Dishwasher Safe (Battery Unit Needs To Be Hand Washed).

All sorts of custards, sauces, soups, eggs and milk can be stirred

Size: 19 x 4 CM (H x W)

Battery operated