Retro RE-Imagined/RE-Designed/RE-Tooled for better life

Here at Arogema & Co, we love simplicity and prefer to do more with less and improve lives. Enter our world to find products from beauty & health products, grabbing homewares, gadgets, inspiring gifts that makes life better.  We seek to turn the items you carry everyday into tools for better living.

Message from the President

Our thoughts are summarized in the “Three Visions”.
1. Customer first – Rooted in the principles of Kaizen (continuous improvement), we believe in improving ourselves all the time to serve our customers better. Without our customers, we have no community.
2. Minimalism – We believe today’s society is too complex and we promote simplicity.
3. Functional – We believe in products that improves, simplifies and beautify lives.

January 2017 Representative Director


Company name

Arogema & C0.


1-14-1 Tamagawa Setagaya Tokyo, 158-0094


5 million yen


Representative director: Lynda Yanagisawa